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Leadership workshops

My leadership workshops integrate professional and personal aspects of leadership. For me, effective leadership means not only professional success, but also personal fulfillment.

Using sensitive methodology, I support participants on their path to developing their full leadership potential.


I design workshops individually to address specific challenges - be it for new or experienced teams. I focus on individual leadership goals, dealing with difficult situations and promoting a balanced leadership style.

With many years of experience as a facilitator and moderator, I would like to strengthen managers, build self-confidence and bring about positive changes in their professional and personal development.

My team workshops focus on strengthening positive team dynamics and promoting effective collaboration. My approach is based on the belief that a harmonious team is not only more productive, but also promotes the individual development of each team member.


Through proven methods and tailored interventions, I create a space in which team members actively participate in defining common goals, clarifying roles and developing efficient communication channels. My focus is on identifying and leveraging the individual strengths of each team member and creating an environment that promotes openness, trust and constructive feedback. This leads to improved team dynamics, strengthening collaboration and lays the foundation for sustainable team success.


I support teams in developing their potential and achieving top performance together.

Workshops on team dynamics


My leadership and change management training modules offer a flexible approach that meets individual needs. I am convinced that successful leadership and effective change management are closely linked.

With in-depth specialist knowledge and proven methods, I support managers in meeting the challenges of the modern business environment.


My focus is on individually equipping managers with the necessary skills to proactively shape change and successfully lead teams through change processes. In doing so, I promote a deep understanding of change management principles and leadership skills.

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