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Empower Growth

As a manager in international organizations, I am very familiar with issues such as:

  • How can I shape my role as a new manager?

  • How do I deal with the changes that I account for as an executive leader?

  • As 'middle management' I am expected to drive change. At the same time, I have to come to terms with it myself. How do I resolve this area of tension? 

  • How can we work better together as a team?

  • How do I do justice to both my family and my job?

  • Where do I derive fulfillment from in my life? Have I lost focus?

Supporting people in their search for answers motivates me as a coach. I help individuals and companies achieve their goals and realize their full potential. Together we shape a successful future by turning your challenges into opportunities. 



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About Me

In my two decades in the leadership world I have successfully built and led teams and made a significant contribution to the design and further development of corporate structures. My long-time international experience in transformations and change projects enables me to understand strategic challenges both on the company side and on a personal level while at the same time evaluating practical aspects of daily actions. 

My mission is to bring about sustainable and positive changes and to support people in both professional and private contexts. 

As certified business coach and masters in organizational agility, I have been passionately dedicating myself to coaching for over ten years in order to develop potential and to accompany employees, managers and teams in their development. My comprehensive coaching practice is based on my own leadership experience and includes targeted interventions, employee development and support of change processes.




Business and life coach
Trainer & Facilitator

Since 2014 I have been working as a coach, trainer and facilitator in various corporate and freelance aspects. 
In 2015 I became certified as a Business Coach IHK and completed my Master's in Organizational Agility training at the HULT University of Executive Education in Ashridge, GB in 2019. 


Corporate Experience 

at Bayer

I have been at Bayer since 2005 in various management and Management functions internationally. I have helped drive major transformations and changes, such as:

  • Outsourcing of operational IT and the re-qualification of affected employees

  • Cultural integration after the merger of Bayer and Monsanto

  • Efficiency programs such as Bayer2022 and the associated job cuts

  • Programs to increase agility, reduce bureaucracy and digitize the company


Research assistant at the University of Cologne

As a research assistant at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, in addition to completing my doctorate, I also organized the practice of various beginner and advanced classes and instructed the instructors. 

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50667 Cologne   I   10115 Berlin


0221 - 44905284


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